About Me

Mr. Aashish Chaudhary is an Research and Development Engineer in the Scientific Computing Group at Kitware, Inc. As an active researcher and developer in information and scientific visualization, he has contributed in various technical capacities to VTK, ParaView, UV-CDAT, VES and many other SBIR and open source projects. Prior to joining Kitware, Mr. Chaudhary worked as a Research Scientist at Louisiana Immersive Technology Enterprise (LITE3D), University of Louisiana (UL), and Arizona State University (ASU) where he developed toolkits and applications related to information and geo-visualizations. Mr. Chaudhary obtained his MS degree from Iowa State University (ISU) in 2005. He has published papers in journals and conferences, and written numerous articles and blogs on visualization.

Mr Chaudhary is focused on building sophisticated visualizations and analysis tools for information and geo-visualization. Additionally, he is interested in software frameworks, computer graphics, human computer interactions (HCI), GPGPU computing, and visualization on mobile devices. He is one of the core developers of VES and UV-CDAT. VES is the VTK OpenGL ES Rendering Toolkit for mobile devices build on top of OpenGL ES and Visualization Toolkit (VTK) to deliver scientific and medical visualization capabilities to mobile application developers. The integrated software product, the Ultrascale Visualization Climate Data Analysis Tools (UV-CDAT), is a powerful and complete front-end to a rich set of visual-data exploration and analysis capabilities well suited for climate-data analysis problems.